Do I have to order online?

June 23, 2016 - 1 minute read

YES.  We have moved ALL our ordering to an online process.  It is the way of the future!

Ordering online is the most efficient & easiest way to order from us.  There is no waiting in line, you just pick your product/products, design if necessary & then place an order through our shopping cart.

  • If you choose to pick up in store, you may choose between pre-paying online or paying at pick-up in the store.  You will be notified that your order is ready by email.
  • If you choose to ship your order, you will be required to pay online.  You will be noticed that your order has shipped by email.
  • If you need help with ordering, please check our FAQs for how-to information and guides.  This will give you faster answers.  If you choose to email for help, you may be waiting a day or two for an answer.

**If you do choose to come into the lab to order, you will be asked to order online through the computer at our front counter.  If there is a line-up or we are busy with customers, you may be required to wait.

Click the image to go to our shopping/ordering site now

how do i order with D&R Photo



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